About Us

Silver Lure S.A.C. was founded in October 1974, initially as a boat angling club, but now embraces both boat and shore disciplines.

We hold both boat and shore outings on a monthly basis across Scotland, travelling to areas such as the Mull of Galloway, which in summer provides good general fishing for species such as Pollack, dogfish, and wrasse, the East Coast area between Arbroath and Montrose, which probably holds the best of Scotland's remaining cod fishing, especially during the winter months, and also to the West Coast sea lochs where Spurdog and ray are targeted.

The Club has an active membership which includes anglers from all levels of experience from the novice to the vastly experienced, - from fun anglers to shark and skate anglers - from non-competitive to very competitive, so there should be something to interest most people. We also encourage young people to participate and the Club fully supports an active Junior section. We've been so successful in developing the abilities of our junior members that our youngsters are regularly selected to fish for Scotland and have won Gold in the Junior Home International Championships.

As a club we try to encourage a conservationist approach to angling, and operate systems to allow the return of as many fish as possible alive to the sea, although members who wish to retain fish for the table are naturally free to do so.

There are a fair number of trophies for which members can compete should they wish to, with the most sought after being the overall Champion in both shore and boat, the boat also having, a winter and summer champion within the main championship. Others include, Heaviest fish, Heaviest bag, Greatest number of species over the year, Best Specimen from boat or shore. There is also the Nominated Species Championship where members can submit claims for fish caught out with club outings, i.e. leisure trips. This is to allow members who cant always make the organised trips to have an input to the club where normally they might not be able to do so.

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